Sunday, June 26, 2011

Days 13-15 At Hodaka Days in Athena, OR

As I write this Sunday afternoon, Hodaka Days 2011 is coming to an end. I wanted, however, to share more of the sights, sounds, and feels of this year's event. Hodaka Days may just be the neatest little motorcycling event you never heard of.

Hodaka days offers a wide variety of events or you can just hang out in Athena's lovely, little, clean municipal park.

The day preceding official start offers a poker run for all comers. Then on the opening day there is the very popular trail ride. Restricted to 80 riders, the event fills up quickly.

Then there is the Bike show.

With entry approaching 100 bikes, here is where you can take a good look at all the years, and all the models of Hodakas.

For those with a more competitive instinct there are events like the observed trials.

And for those with a more "wheel-to-wheel" inclination there is a full slate or Scrambles Sunday morning on a course set up in the Athena Downtown.

Of course there are also those hardy perennials of outings like this, such as delicious food.

Athena cuisine. Right up my alley!

And a swap meet.

A highlight for me was the annual Hodaka Parade which goes down Main Street in Athena on Saturday morning. It was important for me in a couple of ways. At some level the whole idea for this trip originated after having watched the parade two years ago and thinking "It would be neat to ride an old Hodaka that I restored in the parade" and, perhaps more importantly, they named me the Grand Marshall" of the parade this year in recognition of my ride from Pennsylvania. Got to ride right in the front!!! Sweet!

But now it's all over for another year and I guess that's kinda where my adventure story ends too. I'm in a hotel in Wala Walla, WA tonight. Tomorrow I fly to Seattle during the day then hop on a redeye for home in Philadelphia tomorrow evening. Geez, another long travel day. But not near so much fun as recent days! My bike is in my friend Paul Stannard's trailer and will be headed East at first light tomorrow.

The mileage logged during the entire trip ended up as 2908, including the 2858 miles enroute to Athena and another 50 miles locally. I saw incredible sights, met fascinating people, I had just about enough difficulty to remind me what a thin thread I was hanging on for this entire trip, and in just 2 weeks accumulated enough memories to last for a long time! And I did it all in the seat of a 34 year old, two-stroke motorcycle with an engine smaller than that in my lawn mower!

I owe a serious "Thank You" to all my supporters and everyone who followed here. Without your help , and the encouragement that you provide things like this just simply cannot happen.

Thanks too, to the Board, Officers, and Members of the Hodaka Club who embraced my whole trip welcomed me into their community. On the last day they even awarded me a special honor. I will be proud to wear this!

As always, I must also offer profuse thanks to my wife Lisa, who puts up with so much and whom I love dearly!

Thaks for following. Until next time, ride safe!

Just a reminder that there are always more pictures on my Smugmug Photo Share. To check 'em out CLICK HERE

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