Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 5 - Mason City, IA to Sioux Falls, SD

A relatively easy day of just over 200 miles has found me landed in Sioux Falls, SD. It was a hugh pleasure to ride on a beautiful, sunny, warm day like today. I took the opportunity to spend my time on a less traveled route - Iowa Rte 9 most of the day. Lower speeds, less traffic, more time to just look around and enjoy. Oh yeah, I'm now officially halfway there! Over 1400 miles on the odometer so far!

Look at all the crap I'm carrying!

The only obvious downside to rural routes is that fuel stops must be planned a little more conservatively. Not every town has gas and even the ones that do have "no brand" product. My 1977 Hodaka was speced out for premium fuel and that too is not always available. Even when "premium" is available it is usually 91 octane, not the 93 that is more typically found in my part of the world. And, of course, here in Iowa Everything has 10% ethanol!

I miss my Sunoco 93 octane Ultra!

Gas was actually no problem today but tomorrow and by the weekend the distances between towns and fueling opportunities are going to start to get pretty vast. I actually anticipate carrying an auxiliary gas can in a couple of days, though I still am not sure where I'm gonna carry it as I'm pretty well overloaded now!

The short riding day and early arrival in Sioux Falls gave me another opportunity to catch up on maintenance stuff. Nothing major, just mostly inspection. Oh, and I did change out my cooked headlamp!

Working away in the hotel parking lot again! This time a headlamp change.

In the hotel parking lot there were other bikes with out of state license plates but no from so far away as Pennsylvania!
Proper touring bikes in the hotel parking lot in Sioux Falls, SD. A BMW K1200, A Honda ST 1100, and a 1977 125cc Hodaka!

I am seriously considering adding a day to the trip. There are a couple of reasons for this. I don't really need to arrive in Athena before about next Wednesday or even Thursday. The Hodaka Days doesn't actually start until Thursday but if I continue my current pace I'd arrive on Tuesday. Not much to do in Athena, OR by oneself! The other angle is that by adding a day I knock down the daily mileage and the distance between cities and towns works out better for hotels and such. Tomorrow I'll go to Pierre, SD then the following day I'll have some choices to make about routing. Lots to think about during the second, more challenging, part of the trip. Come on along for the ride!

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  1. thats pretty sick man theres not much room on your bike to carry those big balls you have to travel that far on that thing

  2. If I'm not to late, get a room at the Ramkota on US 14/83 next to the river. There's a little restaurant next door that serves GREAT good. A cheaper option is the Fort Pierre Motel across the river on US-83 South.