Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Can it be 5 days till departure?

Just keepin' busy the last few days wrenching away!

It is possible that departure is only 5 days away? Actually less than that now since we rock out on Sunday morning and it's already Tuesday evening here in the Eastern US.. Not much else going on except sorting through packing details, working on tools list and spares list to carry along (and figuring out how to pack same.) Guess what? With just 43 tools I am pretty sure I can carry out just about every possible field repair - up to and including changing a piston and cylinder assembly, tire changes, carb rebuild, points and condenser change, and who knows what else.
Tool kit.

Let's hope none of that is required! Some smaller spare parts will ride along on the bike - light bulbs, points, condenser, cables, and the odd nuts an bolts. Also required is a complement of electrical wire, safety wire, duct tape and zip ties.
Spares/supplies to be carried on the bike

Have spent some time the past few days ride testing various spares and also doing all mechanical work using just my abbreviated tool kit. Just to make sure it is complete.

In a repeat of something that I posted elsewhere, here are the answers to the three most frequently asked questions about the trip....

Q1. Camping or Hotels?
A. Hotels. Not really enuf space to carry camping gear. We may also rely on generous friends as necessary. Absent that there are empty barns and stables. LOL

Q2. Oil Injection or PreMix?
A. Oil Injection for me on the 125 Wombat. PreMix for Don on the 250.

Q3. Chase car or trailer following you?
A. Naaaaa.... Not afraid! (but arguably not very bright  ;)  )

Only a few days now. Stay tuned to see how this all turns out!

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