Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Some pics of both the people and the bikes! 66 days till departure!

For those of you who are interested in our misguided adventure here are several pics of the two of us as well as our (hopefully) trusty steeds!

On the left is Jack's 1977 125cc "Wombat". To the right Don's 1977 SL250 "Thunderdog." One of the absolute best things about Hodakas is the quirky selection of names. If not "Wombat" and "Thunderdog" we could have found ourselves riding "Road Toads", "Super Rats", or even "Dirt Squirts."

Jack Broomall and Don Verdiani. Soon to add this trip to over 40 years of crazy adventures together.

Jack and his 125 "Wombat." Is it really rational to undertake a trip of nearly 3000 miles on a 13 horsepower motorcycle?

Don and his 250 cc "Thunderdog" kitted out in Giant Loop soft luggage.

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  1. The Giant Loop bags look great on the bikes! Can't wait to meet you both at Hodaka Days! Good Luck!